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    Code Generation Tool to aid in Rapid applicationDevelopment?

    Hi I've been looking at CodeChargeStudio, and have been using the trial extensively for a week.

    It is excellent when you are rapidly deploying webpages with similar looks and layouts. Its superb when creating datagrids, forms etc. However, the moment u want to add some custom functionality, its a PITA to modify the code, because its template based. It also uses HTML templates populated with {variables} along with a PHP page to fill the variables with values. So its really tough to try and "cut and paste" relevant code into my own hand coded php pages.

    Is there any similar tool that allows me to create GRIDS/FORMS realyl quickly in a similar graphical way, but outputs the code straight into PHP for me to cut and paste into my own scrript?

    Would appreciate any help.

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    A simple suggestion:

    Try to still use your current program, but use PHP's eval function. I would not recommend it usually, but it's a good alternative when you can't use anything else. You'll have to fiddle in the templates though... -> manual entry

    As I said, just a suggestion, look into it yourself and post something back

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