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    Question Adwords - German user habits

    We are currently running an adwords campaign for a financial job website in Germany.

    The problem we are having is that we don't seem to be getting very many clicks at all, much less than our other foreign compaigns like France for example.

    Is this normal for Germany?

    Apparently it seems that German users when searching for jobs tend to search very generic, so instead of searching for accounting job, they would just search for job and browse through a full jobsite to find the accounting job. Since our website deals only with financial jobs, it seems that this could be the reason for getting such low clicks?

    Even when we went for generic keywords like jobs, because our ad text was for financial jobs only, it seems this caused a low click through.

    Are we missing something?
    Do Germans not like clicking on ads in general?

    Anyone else have any advice for us or experienced a similar problem with converting traffic from Germany using adwords or any other advertising systems.

    Perhaps there may be something we are missing that could help us gain traffic.

    Any advice or comments appreciated.

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    While I'm german, I can't imagine us being lazy ad clickers ... I think your problem is rather that we have many ads on TV (for the "Arbeitsagentur", "Monster" etc.) which advertise exactly this service.
    These sites have grown quite a lot in the past months, so it might be that many germans simply don't ask google to find a job, but go directly to the sites they saw in the ads.


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