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    Software Virtual Servers under iPlanet

    I'm having a problem getting iPlanet to allow me to use a redirect within a software virtual server. Basically, we have a secondary web site that is hosted off-site. We will soon be hosting it on-site, and will be reorganizing things to better merge it into our main site.

    I have create a software virtual server under iPlanet 4.1, which will contain a single page telling people about the new site's web address and redirecting them there after a few seconds.

    The old site was running IIS under Windows NT, using ASP. The main page was named "search.asp". (Don't blame me, I didn't set it up!) The new site is running iPlanet under Solaris. I want to redirect any requests for that page to the default index.html page. This will explain that the site has moved.

    My problem is that iPlanet doesn't let me use URL redirects within the software virtual server. When accessing "search.asp", it gives me a 404 error. Am I doing this wrong, or does iPlanet not allow redirects within a software virtual server?

    Here is an excerpt from the "obj.conf" file:
    <Client urlhost="">
    NameTrans fn="document-root" root="/usr3/websites/myoldsite/docs"
    NameTrans fn="home-page" path="search.asp"
    NameTrans fn="redirect" from="/search.asp" url=""
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