I need help in creating a search form that will search a db table and display the result. I want to search the table by types OR states OR country AND by types AND states AND country. I will appreciate any help I can get from this forum.

Below is the table dump:

# Table structure for table 'accounts'

CREATE TABLE accounts (
id int(11) NOT NULL default '0',
dayPhone varchar(20) default NULL,
evenPhone varchar(20) default NULL,
startDate text,
types varchar(20) NOT NULL default '',
states varchar(20) default NULL,
country varchar(30) default NULL,
residence enum('formal estate','informal estate') default 'formal estate',
age enum('18-30','31-45','over 45') default '31-45',
gender enum('male','female') default 'female',
living enum('live-in','live-out') default 'live-out',
schedule enum('weekly','bi-weekly','semi-weekly','monthly') default 'bi-weekly',
education enum('some high school','high school','some college','college','vocational school') default 'high school',
description text,

# Dumping data for table 'accounts'

INSERT INTO accounts VALUES("1", "33333333", "444444444", "5/30/2005", "nanny", "Florida", "Bolivia", "formal estate", "18-30", "male", "live-in", "weekly", "some high school", "excellent");