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    escaping in and out of php..

    Hello, I've been reading around here and other PHP resources for awhile and am slowly making a database driven version of my site while I continue to learn PHP.

    Before I get too far into everything I'd like some opinions about something I've haven't been able to find much on.

    I see a lot of examples of PHP where it's basically normal HTML and the author just escapes into PHP code when they need the power of PHP. I can see how this is easier then making the HTML inside the PHP code, but doesn't going back and forth from HTML and PHP several times on the same page affect the efficiency?

    I assume the difference is probably not noticable 90% of the time, but what is the more efficient way of doing things, making an HTML document with many PHP segments, or basically having one big PHP segment and doing the HTML through echo statements?

    Thanks for any thoughts.

    see ya

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    A script will run faster if the author only uses PHP when it is needed because only stuff between the PHP tags is passed.



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