This goes straight to the forums:

This science fiction/fantasy/horror forums community is part of a directory/portal site listed in my signature below. The forums are just over a month old and are a replacement for our previous Coolboard shared forums. Coolboard's announcement that they are discontinuing message board services forced me to take a hard look at community building. I've been scrambling to get things set up, promoted and rolling ever since.

Some things I'm doing:

1. Promoting the forums in our monthly newsletter. I may start a second weekly or bi-weekly opt-in newsletter strictly with hot discussion forums threads in it.

2. I seed the forums each morning with links to news articles. This allows the forums to be used as an interactive news board. By clicking on "Todays Posts" visitors can read about genre news and then comment on the article right then and there. This has worked well as a conversation starter.

3. I've adopted an active message board from another site that was losing it's remotely hosted board.

4. I'm arranging to have some other sites link to my forums.

5. I'm having some success recruiting moderators.

6. I'm being cautious about creating too many separate message boards until I have enough active members to support them.

I have some site redesign plans which will more fully call attention to the forums from the Planet Doom directory pages.

So far the response has been good, but I understand it will take some time to really get things rolling.

Everything is a bit cobbled together right now so any tips and observations you might have would be most welcome.