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    AOL users and PHP

    My site requires registration to post. During the registration process an email is sent to the email address provided to verify the address. Contained in the mail is a return link containing a random hash and the email address in the return url.

    It appears from the reports I've recived back that AOL users are unable to confirm their accounts via this email.

    I am led to believe that I need to include the a href tag for them to click, but have no idea how to ammend the code to include the a href tag around the url.

    Can anyone assist with how to programme this to enable AOL users to confirm their account?

    I have included the current code so that anyone able to help may edit it to give me the coding I need.
    function user_send_confirm_email($email,$hash) {


    Used in the initial registration function

    as well as the change email address function


    $message = "Thank You For Registering at HolidayTruths".

    "\nSimply follow this link to confirm your registration: ".

    "\n\n$hash&email=". urlencode($email).

    "\n\nOnce you confirm, you can use the services on HolidayTruths.";

    mail ($email,'HolidayTruths Registration Confirmation',$message,'From:');

    Thanks to anyone who can assist.


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    Try this:
    PHP Code:

    "Thank You For Registering at HolidayTruths"
    "\nSimply follow this link to confirm your registration: "
    "\n<a href=\"$hash&email="urlencode($email). " \">
    AOL Users Click Here <\a>"

    "\n\nOnce you confirm, you can use the services on HolidayTruths."

    mail ($email,'HolidayTruths Registration Confirmation',$message,'From: [email][/email]'); 
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