Hi Everyone...!
The Subscribers on my Web-Site need to Personalize their Settings so as to Only View the Categories(Pertaining to Tendering) of their Interest by Selecting them thru Checking the CheckBoxes, HowEver they may Change the preferences(for Personalization) at any point of time by Re-Selecting few other Categories or Deselecting the Previous Selected Categories.
The Page looks something like....(Though the Original Page will be .ASP with SQLServer Database)

I've the Following two Tables
1) Personalization
SubscriberID (a Unique Subscriber ID assigned to every Subscriber)
SelectedSubSections (For Values of Selected CheckBoxes For Categories, Seperated by ; )
EmailSubSEctions ( For Values of Selected CheckBoxes For E-mail Categories Seperated by

2) TenderSubCategor
SubCategoryId (a sequence Number given to all the Categories)
SubCategoryName ( the Name of the Category)
For E.g. the Above Table has the values like....

SubCategoryID SubCategoryName
1 Buildings
2 Combustion Fuels
3 Med & Lab Equipments
4 Office Equipments
5 Paints & Insulations
And so on Upto 50 as all listed in the table on above page...

How Could I achieve the task of saving the selected categories to the table and when the user changes his mind to re-select few other categories and Deselect from those selected earlier...
when he comes to the Personalization page from links thru other pages, I want to show him his selected Categories "CheckBoxes Selected" and Allow him to further manipulate the Personalization table as stated above with respect to his selection......????????????

Besides, when the Subscriber finalizes his selection of Categories, he's being re-directed to Viewmy.asp page .... for E.g. how the page looks like, pls visit ....


Here it shows only the Categories Being selected by the Subscriber...with Total Tenders Available and Tenders Added today... Here I Only need the Table Design which would facilitate me to display the user's selected Categories(Here in this case I've displayed 33 Categories Out of 50) in the format displayed in ViewMy.htm page... I've already got the Values for Total & Added Tenders today...

I'm ready to provide any further information required and would be pleased to seek your help
Thanks in advance...!