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    Computer Or Connection?

    ok formatted my laptop yesterday,

    XP home
    SP2 - Firewall Disabled

    today i installed azureus clicked on a couple of torrents but got the red face...

    the trackers are up and there are seeds

    then i did a check and it said NAT error

    so i checked my router with the port forwarding and made sure it works

    nothing changed

    so i disconnected my router and connected directly to the internet with my cable modem...

    things flashed a bit some of the smiley faces went green then yellow then green then red... now there all red or now there green but not downloading anything at all.. ok now there red again

    anyone have any ideas


    and it did work before the format

    and i have tryed changing the port number to 6900 but that made no difference

    the port is now back to 6681 the test says OK! but still im not connecting and the trackers are up

    atm some of them are green but there not downloading... ive just looked at the i.p. details tab and saw that either its not connecting to the i.p. or as soon as it is connecting it disconnects without downloading... the page is going mad!
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