i am able to read from a txt file and this is the code:

Const fsoForReading = 1
	 Dim objFSO
	 Set objFSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
	 'Open the text file
	 Dim objTextStream,i
	 Set objTextStream = objFSO.OpenTextFile("C:\test\testingArrayElements.txt", fsoForReading)
   'Display the contents of the text file
   Response.Write objTextStream.ReadAll
 Set objTextStream = Nothing
 Set objFSO = Nothing
how can i loop the content of this txt file like an array?
my normal code which has an array and a for loop looks like this:

Dim extracturlArr(4),i
	 extracturlArr(1) ="http://pww.xray.ms.philips.com/cmt_..._682/2_682.html"
	 extracturlArr(2)= "http://pww.xray.ms.philips.com/cmt_..._735/2_735.html"
	 extracturlArr(3)= "http://pww.xray.ms.philips.com/cmt_..._640/2_640.html"
	 extracturlArr(4)= "http://pww.xray.ms.philips.com/cmt_..._680/2_680.html"
For i = 1 to 4
	strRetVal = strRetVal+xObj.Retrieve(extracturlArr(i),Request_G  ET,"","","")
i have now the array elements in my txt file and i want to do the same thing as above but now i want to read and loop them from a txt file. can anybody direct me how can i customize these two pieces of code????