I've been working on http://rideau.prowsej.com/RHS/main/index.php?page=200 for the past couple of weeks. My design is now complete with the exception that it only works in Internet Explorer and not Netscape. I'm wondering what the best way is to bridge the gulf between these two platforms. For example, they each render font sizes differently, they render widths differently, etc, etc. One stylesheet will not serve for both platforms.

Do you suggest that I direct IE users to one stylesheet and Netscape users to another and Opera users to another, etc., etc. (actually, I'd probably end up ignoring Opera users =)? It'll be very nice when things are all standards compliant and I don't have to make two versions of the page.

With my JavaScript, it doesn't work on both platforms. I'm thinking of checking for the appname and giving users with IE a working set of menus and all other users a JavaScript-less version of the page. I'm not sure why the page doesn't work on Netscape6 so thats why I can't check for a specific attribute in my scripts, only the appname. I'm not very good with JavaScript (my menu script was created by someone else)

Any suggestions you may have about bridging the gulf between the browsers would be appreciated. With IE6 I'm not going to turn on standards compliant mode because it's too buggy with it on. However, from my initial tests, it appears to function almost exactly like Netscape6.