I just came across "Rights-Managed HTML" (literally ten minutes ago) and it sounds like a perfect solution to a current dilema with a corporate intranet we have developed. We recently sent a list of requirements across for the intranet we developed, and I would like to add this in addition as it will be deployed across roughly 500 computers globally.

Does anyone have any experience with "Rights Management or more in-particular Rights-Managed HTML".

Whilst some of my concerns are specifically to do with cross-platform compatibility, I have been under the assumption that the corporate intranet is in large a windows based environment; 98 and upwards. Seeing as this is proprietary technology, and has an associated EULA, I foresee this as an issue in recommending the technology for deployment.

One of the major concerns is printing material; do you know of any alternative solutions? Has anyone deployed "Windows Rights Management"? If so, what issues or challenges surfaced? Again if anyone has any experience with this technology, it would be nice to get a better understanding as there seems to be little documentation.