Well I know there will be a few shocked faces over here .. seeing me post here BUT, I have to make a stab at it again.

First off Ill tell you I am HARDCORE Java ... beaten into my brain. BUT it frustrates the heck out of me that PHP gives me problems. I do some, more like hacking, and the code somewhat makes sense to me. Ive built a few EASY sites using it but keep finding myself saying "boy Id like to do that, if I could figure it out" .... anyway, I build BIG TIME Java server-side apps and Id like to start trying to do what I do in Java in PHP where possible... I think it would add more to my "worth"

I TRIED the Core PHP book last year and spent most of the time saying HUH? So Id like to hear from you folks, a book, a website or just hack my way thru..

some direction for a rigid Java developer?