I posted this over in the php forum, but no one helped me.
so i'll give forum a shot since frames are inherently client side scripting.

Not sure if i should have this in this forum, but since someone in the HTML forum might not know how to implement this in a PHP script, so i'm asking here.

I have my main page in a php script. and i wanted to add some frames on that page so that the 2 types of news i post on there won't take up 3 pages in length.

Each frame would be 530px in length, and about 250 high.
with about 20px of space between each frame.

no borders, no resize etc.
also the page would have a top nav, and to sections on either side of the frames.

If you would like to know what i'm talking about see this page:

that page has some static news stories on them. but basically i want the frames to surround where each news type is (industry and site news)

can anyone help me?