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    MovieThing has been online for 4-5 years now. It started out as a small movie review site my brother and I started and has now grown to a large community of movie lovers. We've had some set-backs along the way, but progress has continued steadily. Up until about 8 months to a year ago, our concentration was primarily on movie reviews - we ran a 'best weekly review' contest to get our members supplying our content for us (and doorway pages that could be submitted to directories). But when our software company began to take off, proofreading and adding 100s of movie reviews a month became too time consuming and not cost-efficient. Since then I've been trying to shift focus away from the reviews to more 'communal' aspects of the site.

    I already have in mind several weaknesses I think the site has, but I'll hold off on mentioning them since I want to see if others come up with the same things. I'd appreciate it if you would explore the site and let me know what you think. You'll have to register to access a number of our features, but if you contact me afterwards I'll delete your membership if you like.

    You can access the site and register at:

    Thanks in advance!

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