I can boot to \'ME, \'98 or Linux. Internet connection is through \'ME.

I dwnld\'d Firepages' offering via ME. Extracted it to D:\\Firepages (common drive to both ME and 98.
Went to \'98: D:\\Firepages\\PHP3. Clicked on the ...start.bat. As they say, a window asking for password etc appeared. I clickec CANCEL as suggested. Nothing happened. Did it again, Nothing. Remember , I am now in \'98. For grins, I entered - created - a password and user. DOS window appeared noting stuff. Something about an error in line 4. Counter of sorts was counting down. I Hit Esc. Ended up with being in Apache. Could go no further.
Emptied/deleted the PHP3 folder to start over again. Went back to ME to dwnload - their works saw that previously dwnld\'d files were still on my machine. I extracted, again to the common to both OSs D drive. Went to \'98. Clicked on the start.bat. The window asking for a password did not appear. Same DOS window appeared....extraction stuff ending up in an unresponsive Apache prompt.

I really mucked it up, didn't I? Or did I? Where do I go from here? (apparently there is (is there?) something in the windows \'98 system folder that knew I had done this before?

I noted, while in \'98, a traffic light (green) in the lower tray. I clicked on it (new icon to me), clicked 'ShowMe'. Their GUI appeared. Is this a good starting point? Not really messed up at all? Pls, where do I go from here.

Am I there but don't know it! Kind of dumb sounding, aren't I?

Best Regards,