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    Problem w/Firepages - maybe

    I can boot to \'ME, \'98 or Linux. Internet connection is through \'ME.

    I dwnld\'d Firepages' offering via ME. Extracted it to D:\\Firepages (common drive to both ME and 98.
    Went to \'98: D:\\Firepages\\PHP3. Clicked on the ...start.bat. As they say, a window asking for password etc appeared. I clickec CANCEL as suggested. Nothing happened. Did it again, Nothing. Remember , I am now in \'98. For grins, I entered - created - a password and user. DOS window appeared noting stuff. Something about an error in line 4. Counter of sorts was counting down. I Hit Esc. Ended up with being in Apache. Could go no further.
    Emptied/deleted the PHP3 folder to start over again. Went back to ME to dwnload - their works saw that previously dwnld\'d files were still on my machine. I extracted, again to the common to both OSs D drive. Went to \'98. Clicked on the start.bat. The window asking for a password did not appear. Same DOS window appeared....extraction stuff ending up in an unresponsive Apache prompt.

    I really mucked it up, didn't I? Or did I? Where do I go from here? (apparently there is (is there?) something in the windows \'98 system folder that knew I had done this before?

    I noted, while in \'98, a traffic light (green) in the lower tray. I clicked on it (new icon to me), clicked 'ShowMe'. Their GUI appeared. Is this a good starting point? Not really messed up at all? Pls, where do I go from here.

    Am I there but don't know it! Kind of dumb sounding, aren't I?

    Best Regards,

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    First of all I would erase everything and start off fresh. You don't have to though...

    You need to install firepages to c:\phpdev3 (meaning that the start.bat files are in that directory). If you are using version 2, use c:\phpdev2

    The traffic lights mean that MySQL is loaded.

    The DOS box means that Apache is starting up, as well as MySQL. Don't close it.

    After you run the start batch file, browse to http://localhost/ and you should see your server serve a page to you.

    Hope this helps


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