Hi All,

I am doing some simple (so I thought) query and display work. I have this code

//mySql query
             $qry = "SELECT * FROM playlist WHERE `date` = '$plist'";
	$qryresult = mysql_query($qry, $db_link);
	//error check
	if(!$qryresult) die("Could not connect to the server".mysql_error($db_link));
	$row = mysql_fetch_array($qryresult, MYSQL_ASSOC);
	echo "You are editing Playlist for ".$row["date"]." Week ".$row["week"];
	//reset array pointer 
	while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($qryresult, MYSQL_ASSOC))
the first line that is printed from the array result diplays the day and week result for that record, presumeably taken from record 1. Once the while loop is started it begins at record 2 NOT record 1. I have since read the the reset() function wont reset a multidimensional array, so is there a better condition i could use in my while condition rather thant mysql_fetch_array() to get it to iterate from record 1? Seems there should be as I have already assigned mysql_fetch_array() a few lines prior to the loop.

Thanks for looking,