I have recently implemented a DHTML dropdown menu into my site design, it requires some CSS, as most DHTML scripts do, however it kinda makes a mess of my other css.

If I use the script, only the css I have used elsewhere on my site, is used on the menus, where I require different styles, and if I delete my old css styling it leaves parts of my site in a mess, but cleans up the menu to the desired choice. I have used the CLASS identiy tag, I think I have used it every where that is required, but I am not sure.

You can have look at the mess so far, and I have deleted the header css style (that part with the date, etc), so the menu is showing how I want it to?, but how now can I use CSS elsewhere without is messing up the menu again.

I hope I have explained the problem, have a look at http://www.digibox24.com/test/index.htm to see for yourselves, any help or advice would be great.

Michael Prosser