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    Quote Originally Posted by igor.kudela
    from reading all the posts it does sound like a good idea but there is nobody here who has actually stated that it has increased his traffic so it might be possible that this form of advertising is entirely ineffective

    I think they are good ideas, but no one is really testing the effectiveness of these methods.

    I'd be very curious to know how much traffic these off line promotions really generate.

    A good way to track this is to buy a memorable domain name which redirect to your main site, but with a piece of code that shows you the traffic that comes from these promotion ideas.


    A domain name cost about $8 at godaddy.

    Let’s say your main domain is “”

    So you buy “” for your umbrella promotions, and have it redirect to “”.

    Then you buy and make it redirect to

    And buy and have it redirect to

    That way, we would know exactly the effectiveness of each idea. You can even test different domain name for each article and see which domain name generates the most traffic and sales.

    That may be a little advanced, but I am a big advocate of testing and tracking EVERYTHING. Otherwise, you don’t really know if it’s worth your time to walk slowly and sit at the mall, thinking you’re advertising your site, while you could be setting up PPC campaigns or an affiliate program.

    I also use a great software that helps me track ALL my campaigns and even do split testing, which helps me test which copy generate the most sales.

    I recommend anyone to just test.

    Hope my two cents helped


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    Wow some great ideas here, next to the ad-on-the-forehead promotion, this one is best!


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