I'm having an issue with floating columns.

I use the 3 column layout based on this:

-Left = float
-Right = float
-Center = margins

Everything works like a charm. Except whan I want to "clear" something inside the center block.

Let's say that I have some news highlights with a picture floated to the left and the extract wrapped around it. And I want the next item to be cleared from the previous. If I put "clear:left" to that item, it gets cleared from everything (including the left-most menu) in some browsers (read as IE).

I believe that it is the actual CSS behavoir, because the rule says that clear should get rid of any floated element in the specified direction (left, right or both) not just the immediate floated elements.

What can I do if I just want to make it clear the previous block and not the entire floating menus? Any ideas?