Got sambar set up and running OK...

but, all my folders etc are located in a directory called nsdocs

So if I have designed a header template and have to put it in a new folder

it usually resides in:


and then I want to put include it in a file in:


then any images in it will show as broken as if I reference them as

<img src="images/main.gif"> then it thinks there's a folder in newfolder called images, but if I put it as <img src="/images/main.gif"> then it looks for the image in http://localhost/images/ !

So how do I go about configuring sambar so it just works for the particular site i'm working on i.e. the mysite folder and does not look for any files above that directory? i.e. treats it as the top level directory for the particular site i am working on?

thanks in advance.