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    protect my files

    hi every body ,
    i don't know what 2 say exactly, but i wana make the user upload there imges, and they select if they want other member views our photos or no
    now my question ,
    if the member select don't let other 2 view my photo, and i any visitor write the image full path, how can i protect the picture from this situation, and don't let other to view the pictures????
    and body can help me or give a hint i'll be thankfull.....

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    you need to store your images outside from the root path so they will not reside in the website itself thus this way no body can access them directly.
    Than you need to write a little script that puls out the image from the datastore checks who has right to see it and who doesnt and only then it renders the image to the screen. This way only people who are allow to see theimage will be able to see it.
    Igor Kudela
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