The purpose of this post may be a bit more on the intellectual curiosity side than anything else. However, the biggest changes in "modern" Christianity seems to be the view on human sexuality. The changes seem to be most apparent in regards to:

1) While divorce is condemned throughout the Bible, now it seems "politically incorrect" to make a big deal out of it -- maybe it's because it might offend some of the congregation; might make a few people who have left a husband or wife (for non scriptural reasons) a bit uncomfortable. However, the Bible couldn't be more clear than what it says in Matthew 19:9.

Great article about the high divorce rate within the fundamentalist population:

2) The Bible frequently lists a large family as something to be grateful to God for. Children are listed as precious gifts from God. And the scriptures that say "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth" were never revoked -- anytime or anywhere.

Now while modern theologians and many laypeople in many (not all) Christian denominations can do gymnastic moves around scriptures to justify everything from divorce to childlessness (at least limiting one's family to only one or two kids) and even some say marriage is not necessary (not what the Bible says) then comes along small groups of polygamists who really seem to stir up some fascinating debates. The irony I see is that polygamists:

1) Really, really, really like the institution of marriage -- to the point of making it more like that described in the Old Testament (all those prophets of God) with more than one wife.

2) Most of these marriages seem to revolve around giving the opportunity to women to have children. Many seem to really stress how important childbearing is in the Christian ideal.

The above website is one that seems more oriented to Protestant polygamy. The one below is of Tom Green's family -- some prosecutor in Utah seems really intent on making an example of this poor fellow.

I just wonder what would people say if a group of people just chose to live together and have sex with each other. They would say nothing -- they might even elect the man to be president. Yet some people want to go after these polygamists with a vengence. Is it hypocritical for people to attack these folks? Perhaps so. These groups are still a pretty small minority, who are they hurting? And could it be that their almost fanatical connection to the Biblical "traditional family model" is what causes some Christians to go ballistic when they hear of these people -- perhaps a subconscious recognition that what they are living is closer to the Biblical standard than what is mainstream and accepted as the norm in America today? And as for liberals? Well, if you say one has a right to "freedom of choice" in regards to reproduction and also to choose whoever you want as a sexual partner then polygamy should be totally acceptable.

I am not a polygamist, I just want to see what people think about these sites as well as the points I have chosen to bring up. Have a great day.