Hi all - new to this forum; well, new posting to it anyway - seems like a friendly place.

I have a question regarding concatenating rows from a MySQL resultset into a comma delimited string. Here's an example: say I have a books db with two tables: 'books' and 'authors'. The books can have several authors (a one to many join). A typical resultset might look like look like this:

Book1 John D
Book1 Peter P
Book2 Tony B
Book2 Sarah M
Book2 Emma D
Book3 Alistair K

I want to produce a table (in HTML or whatever, it doesn't matter much) that looks like something like this:

==== ============
Book1 John D, Peter P
Book2 Tony B, Sarah M, Emma D
Book3 Alistair K

What's the best way of going about this? I'm a bit of a PHP noob, so go easy on me. Any pointers to tutorials or resources on this sort of data manipulation would be appreciated too.

Many thanks,