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    we have a problem with one of our web servers where the asp_net service eats ram like crazy and peeks the processor to 100% from time to time
    we tried to sniff out what is going wrong but everything looks normal
    its a windows 2000 machine so i was wondering if any body has the same problem
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    .NET runs much better on 2003

    What sort of applications do you have running on the server?
    What databases are you running?
    Have you used PerfMon to monitor your applications?
    Do you run under "Network Services"?
    Whats your Disk IO stats like (again from perfmon)?
    Do you run your applications within their own App Pool?

    .NET will use quite a bit of RAM, but the GC will make sure it doesn't use too much, my feeling is there is an application running on your server that is causing this.

    Large RAM usage can often be attributed to someone caching a lot of information in memory (most often DataSets / DataTables), if an application restarts often, this means that your server has to constantly re-read the info from the database.

    If your running MS SQL also run sp_who, sp_who2 and sp_lock, to see who is logged in and who has a lock on what databases / tables.
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