What started out as a unique solution to the dangers of Internet users meeting one another on-line through a Positive ID Profile System, is just now beginning to evolve into a community for those who are interested in Internet Safety and Privacy protection.

We have aggressive plans for expansion and futher promotion of the need for our resources, but, having started this on a shoestring budget, and being void of income from ads, we have to patiently wait for cashflow cycles to permit some of them.

We have considered going 501(c)(3) with this whole concept as it is a community service.

Our boards (forum) are not the best, but they are functional, and with either a Donation based change to non-profit, or a cashflow increase we would upgrade, and begin to add other community type services to this domain.

We appreciate links to our services (of course, who doesn't) and feel that they actually enhance the image of those who link to us because their visitors see that there is a concern for Internet Safety and Privacy Protection.

Please feel free to visit.