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    The smallest dependency injector?


    As a result of an article for PHP|Architect I have finally gotten a chance to play with dependency injection and the result is called "Phemto". It's the bare minimum of a dependency injector as I understand it. I am sure that I have missed some vital feature that Jason, et al. will tell me about. It only works with PHP5.

    Here is a sample piece of usage...
    PHP Code:
    class Datacash implements PaymentGateway { ... }

    PayementInAdvance implements SignUpProcess {
    __construct(PaymentGateway $gateway) { ... }

    $injector = new Injector();

    $sign_up $injector->create('SignUpProcess'); 
    That is the wiring can be done purely by interfaces and is handled by typed constructors. As usual when I post code on the forum, it's a plaything that anyone is welcome to carry forward. Idon't advise using it in the real world though .

    yours, Marcus
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    Marcus Baker
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