This Community is only 3 Weeks old.

Site started as an auction site for British Car Enthusiasts to Buy and Sell parts and cars form each other.
I started this with no experience in community building or portal building experience.

How I started?

I launched the Auction Site June 1st

I was shocked with no promotion at all I began to get visitors. I had 92 registered users in the first week.

And 29,210 Impressions in the first week..

I immediately added vB 2.0 for a forum to begin the community. This has been up for 2 weeks now. I have 36 members and a decent amount of discussion going for only the second week of this section.

I had a few people write and ask about adding their local club link to the discussion area. So 3 days ago we launched the ClubLink Section. About 21 clubs in the US have registered their club and some information about themselves.

These sections existed on 3 differnet sites that was too hard for members to remeber where they were and what the other sites were. On Sunday 3 days ago we brought all three sections together (Auction, Clubs, Discussion) and built a universal logo and navigation system under the logo, and put all sections under

I am still very unsatisfied with the overall look and feel of all three sections of the site. I would really appreciate comments or ideas on how to improve the look and feel.


I am not sure yet. I am begining to use Commision Junction but I have only been using them for a week or two now. So I guess it is early. I know I have to do better on the placement of my ads but I think that will come once I figure out the best look and feel and get the banner ads up at the top of the screen somehow that wouldn't look "AD PUSHY".

I am begining to launch an E-mail Newsletter with content volunteered from the local clubs around the country. I figure I might be able to find some sponsors of these Newsletters but I haven't got any interest from anyone yet?

I began registering users for a PRE_Newsletter and as of today 6 days later I have 88 registered e-mail people. Obviously I would like this numebr to grow very quickly but it appears I had most of those registers the first day of asking people to register, just trickling in at about 3 a day there after.

Future plans. I am hoping to introduce a Member section that will allow individuals to upload pics of thier cars and themselves with contact info and local club affiliate. Possible E-mail Services. I have a poll on the Forum section asking if this would be something of value to the users or if there was something else they would like to see added.

Like I said this is only the third week and Also this is my first attempt at community building.

What am I forgetting to do? What Suggestions do you have? What am I not thinking about? What would you do next?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks In Advance,
Dennis Acker