Is called FanHome.

It is basically a sports site on the web where you can talk to anyone about virtually any sport out there (if you can't find it use the 'other sports' forum )!

Target Audience / Segment:
Sports fans of all ages, we try and keep things very decent and intelligent via our wonderful moderators (couple hundred at last count) and our TOS.

Valid e-mail address; love for sports!

Sucks like most companies which have both .com in the name and rely on ad sales
80 - 90% ad revenue, both via L90/FlyCast/DoubleClick (etc.) and our own
5% online storefront
5% other assorted income

Looking at options for subscription based; probably on a 'help FanHome buy bigger servers' basis and not a 'you get cool things' basis since everyone and their mother uses vB2.0 (which we are moving to shortly) so there's nothing incredibly special we can offer. Maybe avatars or something.

Depends on how you measure it; but it is around 150,000 to 250,000 impressions a day
if you want to go by GB transferred (like most hosting companies) it is around 12 to 15GB a day without gzip, with gzip 10GB or less (depends on nature of traffic, if a lot of people visit large threads it will compress better).