And I need your help.

I am currently writing a long series of articles and possibly a book on Internet Communities. I hope to have the first article published next week with one published once a week over the next three months.

The articles will be on building, maintaining, promoting and making a profit on community driven sites. I see this article series as helping a lot of people including myself. However I want to present a solid base of ideas and concepts not just my own. This is where you come in.

I need your hints and tips. Marketing techniques and ideas on making money. Of course I won't ask you to expose closely guarded secrets but everyone has a few tips to share.

I would also like to experience a broad section of the different community sites from around the world.

In order to gather all this information I have created the Community Construction Zone. If everyone could contribute or at least list their community site there I will be deeply grateful.

As a bonus for listing your site, I offer everyone a full review based on my research and how you can improve your own community site. You do not need to be a member to post your site in the "Communities of the World" section.

This is not limited to any particular software and I would like to see sites of many different types.

Some sites will most likely be showcased in the articles and if I do write a book in that as well. If you are interested please feel free to post your site.