Hello! I'm driving myself a little nutty trying to figure out why javascript code that works perfectly fine on my laptop (Windows 2000) won't work on my customer's NT server. Here's the issue:

I have some navigational tabs that should first save the current page and then redirect the user to the requested page. For example, one of the tabs says "search". So I want to save the current page and then redirect. I have this javascript function:

function TheRedirect(page) {
frm = document.TimeSheet;
tsaction = "TheRedir";
thepage = page;
frm.the_action.value = tsaction;
frm.the_redir.value = thepage;

along with this form:

<form action="TimeSheet_save.asp" name="TimeSheet">

and the code for the search tab looks like this:

<a href="#" onclick="TheRedirect('search')"><IMG height=22 src="images/tabs_search.gif" alt="Employee Search" border="0"></a>


On my laptop, it works fine. But when I click on the tab on the NT server (running IIS 4.0) and IE 5.0, it runs all the lines up to the submit() and just doesn't submit the form. I verify each step of the way with an alert("made it here") and it tells me it got to each line of code, just fine.

What am I doing wrong?