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    Export data for report generation

    I have a SQL database. I want to make the report form using ASP script. In my script, if i click the report button, i want to see the data that print into word document file with 2 or 3 columns.

    For that case, i 'm trying to export the data from SQL to MS Access datdabase and from Access database, can i merge these data into word document?

    If you have any ideas to do better way, please tell me. Thank you.

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    Perhaps add the ability for the user to download a CSV file which can easily be opened in Excel.

    Puzzle 5 Not much different from other solutions by Manohar Kamath posted 1/12/99

    Puzzle 5 "Write delimited data to browser window" by Kirk Lockhart posted on 12/21/98
    Write the data in plain text to the browser window, and the user can save the results as a plain text file and then import the data into Excel or whatever application they want.

    Creating the Excel File Server Side
    Uses FSO to create a .csv file.
    J. Paul Schmidt - Freelance Web and Database Developer - Classic ASP Design Tips


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