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One day I was doing research on the web and came across this question:
What is Community
The answer given was:
That is a good question and one that is asked quite often. In
order to explain community it is sometimes easier to liken it to
the backyard fence where neighbors congregate. Building an online
community is providing that backyard fence where members can
meet, share their thoughts, concerns, render and receive support
and just have a good time together in a safe and comfortable
environment. This can be achieved with a message board and/or
chat room or a mailing list on the site. It is important to
remember that, like with real communities, there must be a set of
guidelines that are consistently upheld in order to ensure
quality participation.
This is a start but doesn't even touch on the idea of building a community and what is involved. Since having a community driven site can increase sales, branding and strengthen your business, I want to provide a space where you can build it correctly. Building a true community is not an overnight process and requires a lot of effort. Over the next few weeks I will be posting resources and links other community sites so that you can get a feel on how to build your community.