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    ASP/Mysql empty text field query error

    I'm getting an error when I'm retreaving from a "text field" in the database and it has no data in it. I'm using MYSQL version 3.23.58-nt. I have the same script running a different system and I don't get this error. It justs output nothing and continues with the loop.
    This has to be an ASP problem when retrieving data from the database. I've change the Field for Message to "varchar(252)" vice "text" in the database and stoped giving me error. But I still need to use the type "text" in the database since my "Message" will be longer then 252 caracter.

    set subjectlistRS = objConn.Execute("Select * from BBS where Topic='exemple'")
    If (subjectlistRS.bof and subjectlistRS.eof) then %>
    There are not Topic
    Do While not subjectlistRS.EOF
    Message <%= subjectlistRS("Message")%>Originator <%= subjectlistRS("Originator")%>
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