When I first heard of Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine I thought that the dawn of standards would be a great thing and that finally my pages would work equally well on all browsers. Now that Gecko is alive and in users hands, I'm hating it jsut as much as I disliked Navigator4.

Gecko is too damn picky - I thought that the standards demanded tight code, but Gecko is even worse! Mozilla.org seems to have decided to make Gecko only render code that they deem appropriate wether or not it is standards compliant.

Recently I created a page that had negative z-index values - something that is allowed for in CSS and both Opera and Internet Explorer interpret correctly. However, Gecko will only accept positive z-index values.

This is the umpteenth issue in a long string that have finally forced me to give up on the browsers such as Netscape6 - they don't render even standards compliant code properly.

Internet Explorer, for all its faults, will render almost anything. Gecko should take a lesson from that and become more loose in their implementation because in beign so tight they're not only limiting the engine's ability to render proprietary code, but also standards-compliant code.

I have next-to-no Netscape6 visitors anyway. It won't be a loss not to support them. But if the browser won't support the standards I won't support it.