I have this problem.

I have a javascript in my index.html to open a new window(newpage.html). This is ok.

The problem is from the opened window (newpage.html), if i click on a link back to the index.html, the index.html will auto refresh to newpage.html without open a new window to newpage.html

Any link back to index.html from the opened newpage.html window will cause the script to load a new page within that window.

Links to other pages from the new window are working fine.

i suspect it's due to the Window name "new" which i have set to the opened window so each time, from that window, if i go back to index.html, the javascript will detect the window name and open the new page in the same window.

Any solution to stop this? Can i open a new window without calling a name in the javascript?

<!--// Hide this script from old browsers --
new = open("http://domainname.com/newpage.html", "new","toolbar=1,location=1,status=1,menubar=1,scrollbars=1,resizable=1,scrolling=1");window.focus();
// -- End Hiding Here
// -->