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    Xhtml Compliant Templates

    Can anyone recommend a site to purchase Xhtml compliant templates?

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    Hmmm ... I am not really a fan of ready made templates, so others might be able to help you more.

    I also think you might run into problems at a later point even if you do find a ready made template as it's more the implimentation of content that often causes problem. So, even if you do purchase a XHTML compliant design, you might want to also take into account that an XTHML design only really makes sense if the markup structure (tags) are XML as well, eventhough XHTML Transitional will not break your design if you use HTML tags instead. However, then the idea of using XHTML would not have any use, so it is important to keep that in mind - when you enter your content - to apply extensible markup (XML) code into your ready made template.

    But I have found a few links listed below. Not sure whether these are of any help though.
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