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    #bar_bottom {position:absolute;top:100%;background-color:blue;}

    That is the code that I currently have on my page. It takes bar_bottom (which is a div tag that spreads across the entire page) and puts it at the bottom of the page. However, it puts that tag *just* below the bottom of the page so that there will always be a scroll bar. I want to move this object up about 20px.

    How would I do both of the following:

    to one element? I want to move it down 100% from the top of the page, and I also want the object to be 20px higher than it normally would be.

    The example (only works in IE5) is at

    Please see the bar on that page at the extreme bottom of the window.

    Edit: Sometimes I don't notice that I've copied the URL and it contains localhost instead of the domain
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