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    A little off topic

    "span.heading { font-weight : bold; font : 12px Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; color : #000000; }

    now, specify it in your page.
    <span class="heading">Heading Text</span> "

    I am just starting to implement CSS and only know basics but I have a question. I leave mine none specific--for example instead of span.heading I would have just .heading Is there something wrong with that? So when I go to implement it I can just call <e class=heading>Whatever</e> or use any other single letter. That makes for less work rather then "span". Is there something wrong with doing that? is there a reason to use "span" or is it just what people decided to use? if even if you used <font class=heading>whatever</font>. Just wondering if it matters what you put there in front if you leave it blank
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