I've read quite a bit about CSS from different sources yet, I still can't see it's usefulness.

I mean, it seems like a longer, more complicated way to do what I could already do in HTML. From what I've seen, I can't find a reason to use it.

Sure, there are some cool tricks like changing the color of the scrollbar or a form field, but why else would I use it?

For instance, if I want a certain tag to always mean a certain thing, I have now limited myself in the use of that tag, plus I've added to my workload by needing to remember which tag now does what!

Is it really only useful for setting a location (I can use tables) and font colors and sizes (I can use other tags)?

Can it REALLY help me change the look of my whole site more easily? I mean, if I do a complete redesign, can it be implemented just by changing the style info?

I just don't understand why I should learn a whole new set of terms and mark-up info when I have done some pretty nice things without it.

Any comments? It'll need to blow my mind before I go to all of the trouble.