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Thread: Flash animation

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    Flash animation

    I have just added a flash animation to my site, which is working fine, but surrounding the animation (when it's playing, after i press F12) are two white rectangular things on either side. When i highlight these, I get this error...

    ''Marked invalid because it doesn't belong inside the tag it's in

    Use Code View to fix the source"

    How exactly do I do this?

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    First thing is to know how you inserted the flash animation into the page, I guess you did it in Flash by saving as HTML, but if you didn't, it may be a good idea to check the object. To view the code, you simply need to go to the view menu in your browser and choose the "view source" option.

    Now, if you do not know html, it is going to be of little use. Your flash would be a code that looks like this

    <OBJECT classid=clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000 
                height=175 id=menu style="LEFT: 5px; TOP: 3px" width=125>
    <PARAM NAME="_cx" VALUE="3307">
    <PARAM NAME="_cy" VALUE="4630">
    <PARAM NAME="Movie" VALUE="images/menu.swf">
    <PARAM NAME="Src" VALUE="images/menu.swf">
    <PARAM NAME="Play" VALUE="-1">
    <PARAM NAME="Loop" VALUE="-1">
    <PARAM NAME="Quality" VALUE="High">
    It might have more or less parameters, but it will look like that.

    Alternatively, you can include a link to your page so we can have a look at it


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