I'm creating a personal ads site. I need to know how to do the right query. I had idea of how to do it in feb when I started this project but my lazy tech manager finaly got around to creating the table for this. Now I'm lost and have to figure out how I was going to do this 6 months ago.

Right now I am working on the MySQL query line for the search. You do a search and it has to bring up results that are older then one number, younger then the other, or if its a male that wants a female or the other way around (MSF,FSM,FSF,MSM), The area of the city (NW,NE,SW,SE,DT) and what type of relationship, like friends, photo exchange, e-mail/chat, etc......

Now my problem.......... I sure hope someone out there can help me out here. But For the area of the city and relationsip, it can be looked for as 'Any' where it would show all the results, as long as they follow the age limits and what you are looking for (MSF, FSM, etc.)

Basically I'm looking for a way to query the DB so that it will show everyone within the age limit and if any was chosen, there would be no limit to what would show after that.

Ah, this is so complicated, I'm having a trouble explaining it. I sure hope someone understands and can at least help me.