Thankyou everybody for your knowledge on setting up my website. I am however having problems with the table layout, I have set tables before, but I have only ever designed for a 800*600 format, not 1024 * 768, now I am finally making the move and designing for both.

In this case I have started with tables and used the percentage feature to auto size my tables, however I am using dreamweaver 4. I set the layout table and use the 100% on that, then I put my layout cells to divide my page (navigation, etc), THIS is where my problem lays, when you resize the browser window the page looks fairly messy.

Can anybody advise on the best ways to layout these tables and cells to make sure they work the best, good advice or a really good tutorial is what I need, any suggestions?

You can check out the mess so far at:

By the way the site you are looking at is just beta, no links work yet or anything.

Thanks for any help
Michael Prosser