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    Loop Help

    hi all. i need some help with this loop problem. Someone told me it is inefficient if it worked the way i wanted it to work and the output only shows 1 result. I know i must put the $sql4 statement inside the $sql3 while loop but i simply just can't get it to work. Any Help appreciated

    What my loop does:

    sql3 will select all data from a table when a column Gameid equals to another id number. sql4 will select data when $Hid from sql3 matches another field Called Hid too in table (xiccc.CodeCreators)
    However it does only shows 1 result


    $sql3 = "SELECT * FROM xiccc.$table2
    WHERE Gameid='$Id' ORDER BY Territory ASC";


    while ($db->next_record()) {

    $Territory = $db->f(Territory);
    $TotalCodes = $db->f(TotalCodes);
    $Date = $db->f(Date);
    $Hid = $db->f(Hid);

    $sql4 = "SELECT Nick, Email FROM xiccc.CodeCreators
    WHERE Hid='$Hid'";


    while ($db->next_record()) {

    $Nick = $db->f(Nick);
    $Email = $db->f(Email);

    $color = ($i++ % 2 ) ? '#000000' : '#333333';
    $tmp3 = "<tr bgcolor='$color'><td>&nbsp;<font size='2' face='Verdana, Arial'><a href='$Id'>$Territory</a></font></td><td>&nbsp;<font size='2' face='Verdana, Arial'>$TotalCodes</font></td><td>&nbsp;<font size='2' face='Verdana, Arial'>$Date</font></td><td>&nbsp;<font size='2' face='Verdana, Arial'><a href='mailto:$Email'>$Nick</a></font></td></tr>";

    $t->set_var('data', $tmp3);
    $t->parse('CBlock', 'CodesBlock', true);


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