Hi Folks,

I have a stunner of a problem.

I'm trying to install APC, by recompiling the php module enabling apc.

First attempt: no problems reported, module apparently built and installed with no problems. However, phpinfo() reported the old configure line, old build date and APC features not enabled.

At this point I assume, the install didnt work, so I go about deleteing every php module on the server and attempt to restart apache. Apache wont restart due to a missing php module - haha - I think.

I rebuild the module, edit the config line a tad to enable debugging just so I have something else to look for in the config line in phpinfo.

All goes well, everything builds and installs, apache will restart - no longer missing a phpmodule - surely all must be well now?

Not so, the module build had the same old config line, no apc features and the old build date - confused? Me too.

Does anyone have a clue whats going wrong?