I was wondering, would anyone here be interested in an icq discussion on web marketing from time to time. We could exchange ideas, techniques that work etc. for mutually beneficial gain.

The first question that probably comes into your head: "Is Jon Lawrance a beginner who will suck my brain dry for free advice or can I genuinely learn anything from him?"

My response:

- I have been on the internet for about 6 years, starting in the early BBS days, so have vast online experience

- I work full time as an internet marketer

- I get over 1,000 unique visitors per day

- I have 4 websites: www.access-programmers.co.uk www.access-developers.co.uk www.gettingtraffic.com www.instantcomputerconsultant.com

- I have a forum with nearly 5000 registered members

- I perform internet marketing tests weekly for learning purposes

- I know about pay per click, looksmart, yahoo, search engines, banners, reciprocal linking, sig tags, php, html, cgi, opt-in, software development and more

- I spend 12 hours per day online

- I have a logical, practical, fresh set of eyes which can provide constructive, well educated feedback for site improvements, marketing and general online promotion discussion.

If you would like to chat, then please let me know. My icq # is 6834623.

Please, no beginners. Only experienced people. Thanks!

Hope to hear from you,