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    phpmyadmin too slow

    I've bought a Plesk box from EV1. I have a problem with phpmyadmin. It's too slow and often (too many times!!!) page are not loaded. I remember when I had Windows box with the same company I fixed this problem changing a variable in php.ini. At moment I don't remeber variable. Anyone could help me?

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    There are a couple of reasons why this is happening, and considering that phpMyAdmin is a fairly large web application in the first place, there are a large number of places that could be causing it.

    What I suspect is that your either trying to perform large queries which is causing it to pass the max execution time.

    Or it's getting stuck trying to resolve a hostname somewhere.

    The first thing I would check is that the database it's configured to connect to is 'localhost', if it's already 'localhost' try changing it to '' or your servers ip address. This should eliminate any problems your having with hostname resolving (if that is the problem).

    The second thing to try is changing the max_execution_time to a value larger than the default of 30 second to (for example) 300, which is 5 minutes.

    If neither of those work, then you'll have to dig deeper to try and work out what the problem is, I assume that all your other PHP scripts work fine when accessing your MySQL databases?



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