Hi, i hope i'm not posting in the wrong part nor posting a stupid question cos i'm kinda new around. So here it goes:

I'm setting up a windows server 2003 and i've got everything almost up and running. The trouble comes in when i think about the nameservers. Every host has nameservers like ns.hostname.com & ns2.hostname.com where the users point their domain names. How can i create those... ? I have the static ip address from my isp I have my domain name registered as www.hostname.com. Now how can i make the ns.hostname.com point to etc... And after how can i make www.hostname.com go to my server, do i have to point it to ns.hostname.com?

Can anyone tell me what's the best practice for what i'm trying to do and how to do it? Or if there's any article for beginners for that matter which says step by step the procedure....

Thank you