HI i'm relatively new to PHP and am asking all you nice people to help me out..

I want to create a simple quiz on my site but i'm a little unsure exactly how to go about it.

Basically it is a quiz where you have to match an image with a name...

I will have 10 images and 20 possible names (only 10 are correct though)

I need to write something in PHP i guess that will let the user check any 10 check boxes with corresponding names and then hit a results button which will echo a results line something like.. you have 4 correct out of 10.

I only want the user to get a vague result line so then if they have some incorrect answers they have to reshuffle their answers in order to get it right..

Once they have all answers correct they can submit the form and send it to me.

Thanks to anyone who can help me out to get started.. even if you can point me in the direction of a relevent tute that would be great